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We want to use XML to store Conceptual Graphs (CGs) in an easy to process interchange format, leveraging the power of the XML related tools like DOM and XSLT.

This process involves defining a data model for CGs which we try to keep in sync with the draft for an ISO CG standard. On the other hand we want to achieve as much interoperability with other XML formats as possible, once the core CG features are implemented in the format we want to use standards like XLink and the datatypes from XML Schema to ensure compatibility with other XML based formats.

The XML format for CGs will be defined using XML Schema, you can find a description using the link to the left. There are other files available for browsing and download like examples and stylesheets, see the "Files" section. A mailing list for discussing this format and other CG-related topics is available on the mailing list page.

Status: This project is on hold for various reasons, mostly since everyone involved moved on to other things. If you are interested in reviving the project you might want to mail on the mailing list -- there might still be people aroung willing to contribute.

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