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With ToscanaJ we try to port one of the classic Formal Concept Analysis (FCA) tools into a more modern environment. The old Toscana is written in C++ and OWL and suffers from typical legacy problems. There has been some new attemps to revive the old environment, but we believe that there are better approaches to write and maintain a software like this.

We decided to rewrite Toscana in Java using XML instead of the proprietary text format used before. The current implementation of ToscanaJ offers more features than any version before in a simpler user interface. Most former Toscana projects have been moved to the new platform by now and we are currently working on making the toolset more accessible for people inexperienced with the Toscana workflow.

The development of ToscanaJ has been forked into a separate project with its own website. The developers of ToscanaJ are mostly members of the Tockit project and the two projects will share some code, the separate project was created mainly to emphasize the special role Toscana has in Formal Concept Analysis.

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